Great Job Mom I'm Awesome! Happy Mother's Day Jewelry Chocolates



Inspired by the amazing movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we have created our brand new Jewelry Chocolates collection! So what are Jewelry Chocolates? Jewelry Chocolate is a tube of yummy assortments of chocolates with over half a pound of chocolate inside it along with a jewelry surprise inside every tube of chocolate! This is the perfect gift for all the sweet tooths in your life! 

The Jewelry Surprise inside your Jewelry Chocolate tube will have a minimum value of $10 with the potential of winning a second jewelry piece worth up to $7500! Please make sure below to select the jewelry type along with the type of chocolates you want inside your tube!

Winners will receive a GOLDEN TICKET, just like in the movie Charlie and the  Chocolate Factory, that they can redeem with us for their prize so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this in your tube(s) in case you are a winner!

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