Welcome! This is the page to set up your brand new JC rep websites!

This new website will be FAR more advanced and up to date as far as all our products go than our last website! It is definiately the 2.0 version and right in time for all the holidays around the corner!

Our brand new websites will allow you to build a team as we are becoming a full blown direct selling company! (like Amway and Mary Kay!)  With this website you will be able to customize it with your information ,picture etc and it will have your own unique link like this "secure.jewelryincandles.com/YourNameHere" so that way you can share it on social media, email, with friends, family and potential customers and earn amazing commissions through YOUR REP WEBSITE! This rep website does have a monthly fee of just $10 per month but you will get your first month FREE so that you can ramp up your sales! Click link below to get started as the sooner you join the sooner you can grow a team and earn even more passive income with us outside of your own sales! ps. If you have any more questions about the platform don't hesitate to contact us at jewelrycandle@gmail.com and once again heres the link to set up your new free website!....


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