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So have you ever wondered what the anime character, Levi smelled like?! Well, we have done the research for you and now you can get his wonderful aroma in this amazing anime-inspired Levi Anime Cash Candle!

So what EXACTLY does he smell like?! Well since we are full of surprises, THAT part is a surprise! So the only way to find out is to select the very FIRST scent in the drop-down menu that says "Characters Scent" to find out! You will also have the option to choose other more specific scents if you want to CHOOSE the scent instead of that way you know EXACTLY what scent you are going to get in the candle.

ALL our Anime Cash Candles contain a REAL $2 bill inside every candle! Some randomized, lucky winners will also get a QR code on their $2 bill with an additional money prize worth up to $2500!

*We do NOT give odds as this is a just a fun, novelty gift and NOT a lottery! Once again to be CRYSTAL CLEAR, the only GUARANTEE we give is that EACH and EVERY Cash Candle will contain a REAL $2 bill inside!